About IQAC



General Objective of the IQAC:

To promote quality culture within the university

Specific Objectives of the IQAC:

  • Review existing policies and procedures of HSTU,
  • Assessing and strengthening capacity for effective governance, teaching learning, research and community services.
  • Institutionalize the quality assurance culture within the university,
  • Prepare the university to meet the external quality assurance assessment and accreditation requirements,
  • Monitoring and evaluating self assessment (SA) practices and processes through audit, survey and other instruments, and
  • Co-ordinate all quality assurance (QA) related activities at the national level; and liaise with UGC and other external QA agencies.
Benefits IQAC at HSTU

IQAC of HSTU will facilitate review of quality standards and quality of teaching learning in each program by ensuring a participatory curriculum design and review process. The design process would be need-based.
IQAC of HSTU will facilitate developing qualifications framework for each program by effective governance mechanism.
IQAC of HSTU will facilitate accreditation process at both institutional as well as program level.
Institutional linkage with other academic institutions, research organizations and industries will ensure multi-disciplinary approach of knowledge production.

  • To facilitate to define the mission and objectives of the university;
  • Develop standard and benchmark for academic programs;
  • Review existing procedure for further improvement
  • Provide necessary support to conduct self-assessment, external peer-review;
  • Develop a data base for information regarding quality assurance
Significance of IQAC

Internal quality assurance infrastructure is indispensable for a quality assurance culture in a university. The setting up of IQACs at public and private universities would promote the QA culture to ensure quality in education.

Why Quality Assurance?

We need to make sure our HEIs are competitive.
The society we live in today is globalized and economic pursuits have become highly competitive.
Productivity and growth today solely depend upon NEW KNOWLEDGE generated in universities.
A credible body or agency external to a particular HEI will be given the responsibility to access the effectiveness of the internal quality assurance system.